Finca El Tomillar: Boda Ana y Pablo

Finca El Tomillar: Boda Ana y Pablo

The secret, don't stop smiling

July 19, 2019, as it was Friday in July and traffic jam was expected on the road to La Coruña, we decided to advance the beginning of the wedding report and photograph Pablo's preparations much earlier than is customary in us.

Even though Charo, the mother, when we arrived was still in the hairdresser we started photographing and she immediately arrived.

Pablo wore a very elegant blue jacket, and although the house was not very large, we found a corner on a small terrace that Charo had perfectly ordered and decorated and with a light that was perfect for taking photos. As small as the place is, if it has good light and is tidy, we can not ask for more, and to show this video.

When we left Pablo's preparations there was still not much traffic and when we arrived at Ana's house there was Bibi Redondo with her hairstyle. Bibi has a section on her very original website where she shows the before and after of her makeup.

The result of makeup is obvious.

I want to mention Ana's work, which you can see on her website through which she offers a home nursing service to all those families who may need home care for their children at any time in their lives.

In this same situation is his sister, Paula, with an illness that forces them to have permanent assistance at home, which takes away our smile for a moment. Even though Paula wasn't able to attend the wedding, that didn't mean she couldn't participate in her sister's wedding report.

If something I can highlight about this family is that throughout the wedding they did not stop smiling, and I think it was not only because this day was so special, I think it is a vital attitude that they carry with them every day of their lives.

Ana was ready, she put on her wedding dress of the signature Lucia de Miguel that Ana wore along with a very simple and wild bouquet.

The religious ceremony took place at San José Las Matas Parish, a place where they are very dear.

I have the theory that the reactions of the guests to the bride and groom once they have married, are a true reflection of how dear they are. It's not an exact science, but these reactions anticipate what the party to come is going to be like.

Finally we arrived at finca El Tomillar one of our favorite places to work, everything is facilities and good taste when preparing a wedding, Virginia and her team leave everything always perfect, here you can check it.

The light was beautiful to make the couple report, and as the farm is so large we moved away a little with the bride and groom while the rest of the guests finished arriving. Of course Ana and Pablo did not take the smile off their faces throughout the session, which in our case never exceeds 20 minutes, with such a beautiful result, you can judge for yourself.

It's time to enjoy the cocktail, it's time for friends, and all our wedding reports leave us with very special images with the guests.

Entrance to the spectacular banquet, a few speeches, delivery of bouquets and of course our well-known Same Day Edit, where the bride and groom can enjoy a video with the best photographs of the wedding day

The party room of the Finca el Tomillar is one of the best there is in Madrid, in a disco atmosphere and decorated in a very special way.

The guests presented the bride and groom with a very special dance where the vast majority of their family and friends participated, it was a resounding success.

To finish, and as usual at Booda Studios, we took our final photo to say goodbye to the couple, this time we chose the beautiful living room of the estate.

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