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Yes, thank you very much for having counted on us to immortalize your wedding, without you this would not be possible.

Our work speaks for us, but also the hundreds of couples who have made us participants in their most important day. For us there is nothing more important than happy boyfriends.

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They are an amazing team!!

They are an amazing team!!
For us it was a priority to have photographers who fit our budget, but above all who were professional and got a perfect memory. They are an amazing team, who love what they do and who like to take moments to leave you with your mouth open. They work hard in every moment, and it shows. In the end the result is unbeatable. Every moment is captured with affection and at the right time. The treatment with them is very close from the first day, always advising you with professionalism and experience. At the end of it all, they are no longer just our photographers, but also our friends. Thank you for everything Carlos, Juan and the rest of the Booda team.
10 photographers!!

We already knew the team by weddings of friends and from the moment we saw their work we knew that the day it will be our turn we would choose them. And so it was. Kind, friendly, with a thousand ideas, patients and 10 photographers! The result has been an incredible photo that we and everyone around us love. Thank you very much for making us never forget that special day with your spectacular work!
Excellent and I fall short!!

I have no words left to describe the work of these guys. They are amazing professionals and better people. They are always attentive to everything and help you in everything. The quality of the photos is spectacular, they are fast and effective, they mounted a video for us in a short time, they were kind to the guests despite the fact that someone interrupted them in their work. I recommend them 200%.
We are delighted!!

Since we went to see Carlos on the first day, we met him and saw his work we already knew that he and his team would be in charge of immortalizing our big day. Not only because of his great professionalism and how beautiful all his photos were. But because of how especially comfortable we feel and the confidence it transmits. The wedding day was super easy to work with him and Rafa, we left delighted. A pleasure to meet you!
They are the best!!

We couldn't be happier with our choice! I, in particular, haven't stopped telling everyone since I met John at our pre-wedding. We chose Booda, because the photos in his gallery were great and beautiful and the day we met Carlos, we had no doubt. We are still waiting to receive the work in full, but seeing the photos of the pre-wedding and some of the wedding, as the same day edit. I'm 100% sure it's going to be wonderful! The day after both the wedding and the pre-wedding, we already had photos to show. The deal of Juan and his entire team has been 10! They are charming, friendly and super close, to the point that there were people who asked me if we were already friends from before. I have no doubt that if I were to remarry, our photographers would be them again! Thanks a lot!
Best supplier choice I made!!

I have no words for photographers. We do not feel at any time their presence and that they were in every moment of the wedding! We had a team of two videographers and 2 photographers, all four were magnificent! Best supplier choice I made! All the guests commented on the professionalism and quality. A 10!
¡Son únicos!

No tengo palabras para describirlos, los familiares lo único que dicen es esto: ¡¡Qué fotazas!! No puedo estar más contenta, los volvería a elegir una y otra vez. ¡Gracias!
You are magic!!

June 1, 2108, 17:30 pm, Convent of Boadilla. Carlos and Juan appeared in my room and at that moment I confirmed what I already imagined. It had been the perfect choice. And the "dance" began. They began to move and take pictures without us barely noticing their presence. My mother with the makeup artist, my friends who arrived excited, my father smoking in the window opposite, the daughter of my future husband who did not stop coming and going, almost as nervous as her father in the next room, the guests arriving, the explosion of emotions of the ceremony, the faces of our people when we left already married, the toasts, the groups, the dancing... In our report there are hardly any poses, no guidelines, nor the typical wedding photo that we are tired of seeing. My photos are full of moments, emotion, laughter, looks, fun, friends and family creating the most beautiful wedding you can dream of. And reviewing the images I live it again and again. And I don't get tired. You are magic Booda Photography. Carlos, Juan and Conchita... again thank you for making it so easy and so beautiful.
¡¡ Un trabajo de película !!

No tengo palabras para describir lo que Carlos ha hecho por nosotros. Sin duda el fotógrafo lo mejor de la boda. Un trabajo de película, toda la gente que ve las fotos se queda boquiabierta. Estoy encantada, buscando otro evento en el que poder contar con Carlos. ¡Mil gracias, eres el mejor!
They will be the photographers of our 25th anniversary!!

We got married on April 14 in Almoguera and having great professionals like Carlos and David was something that is priceless, from the first moment we knew that they were going to be them, we located them through bodas.net and we were stunned with the photos we saw in the first moment and the video edited the same spectacular day. A month later, even before we have been able to see our photos, we love them and we are super grateful that they could capture in those photos such a wonderful day with so many details in each of them. Not only professionalism, they have been friends from the beginning, they have helped us with their closeness and trust and above all facilitated our wedding, since my boy is Polish and we communicate in English. Thank you very much and we would not hesitate to hire you again, without hesitation you would be the photographers of our 25th anniversary.
Booda Studios is pure creativity!!

Boda Photography is pure creativity and set in motion, available and willing from the beginning, very happy with them from the first contact to the last, their work collects the moments as they are, without realizing that they are there, but getting the best out of each situation with all their professionalism. Thank you!
Several couples of our wedding have already asked for them to make their report !!

Our wedding was on October 6, 2018. Better than good is to say little, delighted with them, we spent a wonderful day, kind, friendly, you do not even know that they are there. And the best, the small advance they gave us of the photos, impressive, so much so, that there are already several couples of our wedding who have asked for them to make their report. Alex and I thank you for making our day more
nice still and to make the photo I wanted so much.
The best choice!

We already knew the work they did, and that's why we chose them. They took a friend's wedding pictures and we loved them. Not only are our wedding photos gorgeous, but both Carlos and Juanfran (our photographer) made us feel special. They adapted to the requests we made, and adjusted the price to what we wanted, since we didn't want the typical photos. Juanfran was attentive all day, not only to our requests, but to the requests of family and friends. It's a love! The result is spectacular, the photos have been beautiful, and they have enchanted everyone. They are completely recommended!
We are infinitely grateful for the treatment they had with us and with the guests, and for the result.
Natural photos, nothing forced and with a lot of soul !!

Totally recommended. Professional work and done with a lot of love, and that shows in the final result. They adapted to us in everything, they did not miss any detail and they found what we were looking for: natural photos, nothing forced and with a lot of soul.
Excellent work!!

Happy with our choice. It was what we were looking for, no traditional and boring poses. Dynamic photos and videos, nothing boring and that everyone likes. Fantastic!
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