Booda Studios is formed by a team of wedding photographers and videographers passionate about their work whose only mission is to capture with their cameras one of the most special days of your lives.

Our intention is to be able to capture with our images the history of that day and that, over the years, you can transport yourself to that special moment.

We like to work in a discreet way, that you do not notice our presence, but that you feel like part of your wedding. Some call it wedding photojournalism, we call it "capturing the moment."

If you are looking for a wedding based on poses then we are not your photographers, on the contrary, if you are looking for a wedding based on photographs that capture emotion, wedding photographers that are discreet and that capture the important moments and the emotion of each moment ... then choosing us will be a resounding success.

Carlos Cobo

"About 15 years ago my first camera, a gift from my wife, fell into my hands. So, I thought, "What did this girl think of to give me this?" Well, without knowing it, my wife had given me a future, a wonderful future that I can never thank her enough."

When I created Booda Studios I could never imagine that we were going to be one of the most respected photographic studios, specialized in wedding reports, in Spain, and I owe that mainly to this wonderful team and to each and every one of our couples.

José Ferló

It all started one day when on the way to school with my four-year-old daughter she told me:

– Do you like your job?

– Well, not really honey.

– Dad I'm going to tell you one thing... if you don't like your job and you like to be a "photographer", become a "photographer"!

So I decided to train with great Spanish photographers and do what I really liked. Shortly after Carlos offered me to be part of this great team that we formed at Booda Studios

Juan Pelegrín

The most experienced photographer of us all, and the most versatile. He combines his facet as a wedding photographer with disciplines such as sports photography, in fact he is the official photographer of the Students and travels around the world making reports for magazines such as Traveler.

All the couples to whom Juan has made the report of his wedding speak wonders of him, and it is not for less.

and many more

There are many others who accompany us or have accompanied us in the last 10 years. In the middle of the high season we have wonderful photographers with whom we have been working for many years such as Layna, Conchita, Naiara, Lía, Inma, Juanfran, Rafa Torres, David, Manu, etc. all of them wonderful people and excellent professionals.

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