Wedding Monastery of Santa María de la Vid: Eva and Darío

Wedding Monastery of Santa María de la Vid: Eva and Darío

Wedding Monasterio de Santa María de la Vid: Eva y Darío

September 25, 2021, the rain forecasts throughout the week were 100%, fortunately we had a splendid day without a drop of water, one of those small miracles that usually happen to us so often, in fact, of the more than 300 weddings in which we have been, it has barely rained on us in 5 or 6.

The bride's preparations

Eva decided to put on makeup and comb her hair in the hairdresser in Aranda de Duero where she used to go when she lived there, along with many of the wedding guests who also chose Aire Estilistas to leave them perfect for the big event.

From there we went to his parents' house to finish with the preparations. Eva chose a dress by Rosa Clará with a very simple cut and shoes by Flordeasoka

The groom's preparations

Darío decided to change only in one of the themed rooms that La Casona de la Vid has, which is the place they chose to celebrate the banquet. The place is located about 20 ́ from Aranda de Duero in the village of La Vid y Barrios, and whose main attraction is the impressive Monastery of the Vine

The truth is that if you believe that the crowds are not going to help you calm down, a good option is to prepare in solitude, well, with the attentive gaze of a photographer, but we are not just any photographers, we are characterized by being incredibly discreet.

The ceremony

Eva arrived at the Monastery of the Vine, a place chosen to get married riding in a vintage Mercedes driven by her father, and as is tradition there the groom was waiting for her at the doors of the church.

Everyone receives the bride upon arrival, even the typical jacks sing her.

Emotions are running high at the moment, and to show these images.

The interior of the Monastery of the Vine is as impressive as its exteriors, and thanks to Eva and Dario hiring us drone we were able to reflect this in incredible images.

The departure of the bride and groom was wonderful, one of us took the photographs at ground level and another was with the drone to capture that magical moment from the air.

As is customary in Aranda, the photos with the guests are taken at the door of the church after everyone has congratulated the happy couple, a custom that we love, and that makes no time wasted in the cocktail for these needs, which worries the bride and groom greatly.

Couple photos

Few places so incredible we have seen throughout our career that the interiors and exteriors of this Monastery, and of course Eva and Darío wanted to have a nice couple report there. We usually do not need more than 15 ́ for these photos, but in this case, and as there was time, we dedicated about 30 ́

The result, well, you better judge that.

The banquet and the party

As we have said before, the banquet was held in La Casona de la Vid, and for the enjoyment of the guests, the place is just 50mtrs from the Monastery of the Vine, and to top it off, the food is delicious.

All the floral decoration, including Eva's bouquet, was made by La Florería, a small florist in Aranda

After a cocktail enlivened by a music group, which we recommend to make that moment more pleasant for the guests, live music has something special, which does not get a list of music set without more.

We watching in the incomparable setting in which we were made some flights with the drone that will remember for a lifetime, and if you do not believe it watch the video that begins this section.

The entrance of the bride and groom to the banquet was the most lively and moved, and Eva and Dario lived it with great intensity, and if you do not look at the photographs.

Already seated at the banquet, at the time of the desserts the bride and groom delivered several gifts, the most emotional was undoubtedly the gift they made to Eva's grandmother, those moments captured by our cameras are those that over time will charge an incalculable value.

The party

The party was very lively, it began with a monologue that the bride and groom had hired, to start with a few laughs, then it was their turn with their wedding dance, then the closest friends and family organized a Flashmob and that gave way to the party, which according to what I have been told lasted until dawn.

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