Boda Monasterio de Lupiana: Virginia y Marco

Boda Monasterio de Lupiana: Virginia y Marco

Monastery of Lupiana: Virginia and Marco Wedding

One of the best dates to get married is undoubtedly the end of May, although it is more likely that it can rain than in the middle of summer. Otherwise they are all advantages, the temperature is very pleasant and there is light until very late.

Virginia and Marco were clear about it, their entire wedding was held outdoors, and it was a success.

They held a beautiful religious ceremony in the Church of San Nicolás (Guadalajara), a church that is located in a pedestrian area that greatly facilitates the entry and exit of guests. It also has a choir, which we love to take one of our favorite photos in a wedding report: The bride entering her father's hand from above.

The banquet and party was held in an incredible place, the Monastery of San Bartolomé de Lupiana, a place that we did not know and that pleasantly surprised us.

Located on the slopes of the valley of the Matayeguas River (Guadalajara), about 40 minutes from Madrid, it is a place that oozes history, with large and well-kept gardens, and a cloister where guests enjoyed an outdoor banquet.

For the wedding reportage it is a source of continuous inspiration, and in any of its corners you can take spectacular photos.

The party is held in a place of the most curious, also outdoors, with an indoor area that serves as a dance floor and an outdoor area for guests to enjoy their drinks, and always close to the beautiful gardens that adorn the entire Monastery.

It was there that we projected to the couple our star service, the Same Day Edit of the wedding.

Being able to see the best moments of your wedding on the same day of the celebration is a fascinating experience for you and for all the guests.

While you eat or have dinner we prepare everything, and before leaving we will surprise you with a video that you will remember all your life, and with the

that your guests will be speechless.

And to finish we always say goodbye with a photo, which in this case we made in the wineries that the Monastery has, a magical place, which in turn serves at weddings in case that guest appears that nobody wants, the rain.

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