Wedding in the Hermitage of the Virgen del Puerto and Casa de Burgos: Miriam and Carlos

Wedding in the Hermitage of the Virgen del Puerto and Casa de Burgos: Miriam and Carlos

A very emotional wedding Sunday

Getting married on a Sunday may sound strange, but it is more so if it is October and you get married in the afternoon, mainly because it may not make a very pleasant temperature that we say.

Well, it was a fantastic day, full of sun and with an ideal temperature.

Carlos decided to prepare in the family home, in the heart of Madrid, surrounded by his parents and brothers, by the way.

He put on a very elegant Calvin Klein suit that he can use in other events without any problem, which is a success on his part.

For her part, Miriam combed her hair and made up in her trusted hairdresser, located next to the Hermitage of the Virgen del Puerto, where she was getting married and very close to her father's house, where she decided to put on a beautiful dress by Aire Barcelona.

The shoes were by Emilio Badiola and he put on Jewelry ornaments by Joidart.

Once he finished dressing, we took out the bouquet that was prepared for him in Aillum Floristería and direct to the Hermitage.

Miriam and Carlos did something we love, enter together hand in hand through the aisle of the church, breaking all this protocol that surrounds the ceremonies by the church, which seems to us a success.

The Hermitage, which although it is small, has privileged places for the wedding report to be fantastic, since they allow us to place ourselves on the balconies that surround the church.

But in addition, the departure of the bride and groom is spectacular because we can take it from an elevated position, which offers the couple to have one of the most incredible images you can have.

As it can not be otherwise, at the exit of the church all the friends and family wrapped the couple and gave them more than heartfelt hugs.

Since we were in the heart of Madrid Rio, we dedicated 15' to our couple reports, we do not need more to make beautiful photographs.

The banquet was held in La Casa de Burgos, located in the Casa de Campo of Madrid, and to which both we and the guests could go taking a walk from the Hermitage.

Miriam and Carlos did not make a banquet to use, in fact it was all cocktail, without fixed seats, which also seems to me a success.

The final icing on the cake was Carlos who played several Jazz pieces with his group.

They gave some little trees as a gift for the guests of the arbolitos company.

At the party they also had a photo booth by Locomatón.

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