Wedding Palace of Silvela: Rocío and Alberto

Wedding Palace of Silvela: Rocío and Alberto

A wedding in an incomparable place: Aranjuez

August 28, 2021, there are still restrictions on indoor parties, but who wants to get indoors when outside you have a wonderful place to enjoy, at least for a day. That is what the guests at the wedding of Rocío and Alberto must have thought, in the Silvela Palace, just 100 meters from the Aranjuez Palace.

Rocío was prepared in beautiful rooms in the same Palace of Silvela, she wore a dress from La Sposa (Capricho Shop)

He also wore some nice pink shoes from Salo

Alberto changed in a nearby hotel, the NH Colletion Aranjuez, wearing a Promesso Madrid suit

The Silvela Palace with its own Wedding Planner service, in charge of Ana, very useful for couples on the other hand.

The wedding gifts were hired at Miranda Green and the floral decoration and bridal bouquet was in charge of Real Rose

Finally they had a photo booth of the most fun offered by Fotofun events

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